SPS is your best resource for domestic and secondary pipe. Whether buying or selling, SPS offers customized solutions for every operation.


America’s infrastructure is built with Domestic steel. Typically, at the Federal & State level, new construction and repairs of government buildings, bridges, and roads are required to use domestic material-- that is either melted and manufactured in the USA or meets the “Buy America” clause.

Our reverse distribution model ensures that we can sell new domestic material with MTR’s at a significant discount to the prime market. Through Sutherland Pipe & Supply’s quality control process, you can be sure that you are buying pipe that was melted and manufactured in the U.S.A.

Pipe mills have minimum order requirements making it difficult to source M&M material for smaller jobs. In addition, mill leads times can extend past deadlines causing needless delays and downtime at the jobsite. With over 35,000/tons of material in stock SPS is equipped to fill out smaller orders as well as provide much needed relief when commitments are hard to meet.

During the Engineering phase, we can provide test piles quickly and consult on what surplus may be available in large quantities on the ground-- allowing you to offer your customer the most cost effective and time sensitive solutions possible, while eliminating the need for redesign due inadequate inventory on the ground.

Get with us, talk to us, we understand the surplus that is available today, and what surplus will be generated 6 months from now. We would like to be considered your source for tubular goods.

  • M&M – Melted and manufactured in the USA
  • Domestic w/MTR’s – Heat number traceable to tube.
  • Buy America – Made in the USA
  • Domestic secondary
  • Domestic w/Letter
  • “Stars & Stripes”

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