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There are currently 12 terms in this directory beginning with the letter C.
are generally used as the means to complete new construction, and may act as a cofferdam of sorts while the construction is ongoing. Cofferdams however, are not part of the permanent structure, and are typically employed to perform repairs or maintenance on the structure.
Carbon Steel
A metal alloy formed by combining iron and carbon.
(CIDH) piles are commonly used in the construction of bridge structures, and refer to a construction method in which the reinforced concrete piles are cast in drilled holes to predetermined elevations using a heavy wall steel casing to prevent caving.
Charpy Test
The method used to measure the amount of energy absorbed by a notched specimen during fracture as a result of an impact load.
Coal Mine Drilling
is the process of extracting coal from the ground.
The process of covering the steel with another material to protect against corrosion
an upright pillar, typically cylindrical and made of stone or concrete, supporting an entablature, arch, or other structure or standing alone as a monument.
Continuous Weld
Method of pipe production in which the material is furnace welded in continuous lengths, and later cut to length. Normally seen for sizes ½” OD to 4” OD
Threaded sleeve used to connect two lengths of pipe
Corrosion Resistant Alloys.
a tunnel carrying a stream or open drain under a road or railroad.
Culvert Rehabilitation Casing
is the practice of extending or restoring the service life of a culvert without removal of the existing culvert. ... Definitions Sliplining: Placing of a smaller diameter liner culvert into a larger diameter host pipe.