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Full Length Drift.
Foundation Casing
The casing method is applicable to sites where the soil conditions are such that caving or excessive soil or rock deformation can occur when a hole is drilled
Foundation Drilling
is, in essence, using big machines to put big holes in the ground. ... To do this, large construction projects use foundation drilling rigs to create drilled shafts. Also known as drilled piers, caissons or bored piles, drilled shafts are constructed by pouring concrete into a drilled hole.
Foundation Piling
is defined as a series of columns constructed or inserted into the ground to transmit loads to a lower level of subsoil. A pile is a long cylinder made up of a strong material, such as concrete or steel. Piles transfer the loads from structures to hard strata, rocks, or soil with high bearing capacity
Fracture Test
A test by which a piece of metal is broken to examine the fracture and determine the crystalline structure or carbon content.
Full Body Normalizing
Heating the pipe past the critical point, and cooling at room temperature. This process helps create uniform hardness.