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Magnetic Particle Inspection
Testing method which utilizes iron powder and electromagnetic current to detect cracks and other problems on or near the surface of ferromagnetic materials. Nondestructive.
Maximum Allowable Operations Pressure.
Marine Bollards
are a simple and cost-effective way to fulfill mooring requirements and safely secure vessels alongside jetties, berths, wharves, and dolphins in ports and harbors.
Marine Piling
is the process of building deep foundations into the ground below sea level to support buildings and structures that are offshore.
The science related to extraction of metals from ore and the adaptation and/or application of the metals.
Micro-tunneling Casing
is an underground tunnel construction technique used to construct utility tunnels from approximately 500mm to 4,000mm in diameter. Because these tunnels have such a small diameter, it is not possible to have an operator driving the machine, so the tunneling machines have to be remotely operated from an operation panel within a purpose-built control room on top of the ground.
Mill Finish
Surface finish produced on sheet and plate steel, with characteristics of the ground finish on rolls used to fabrication