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There are currently 15 terms in this directory beginning with the letter S.
Square Cut
Iron oxide (rust) that builds up on the surface of steel
ANSI numbers used to define pipe wall thickness
Secondary Steel Pipe
Secondary means it is on the secondary market instead of the primary market as new or prime
Sheeting & Shoring
are typically used at construction sites in order to provide temporary support of soil and existing structures. Sheeting consists of complete systems of shoring driven or vibrated into the soil with no lagging required.
Sign Poles
A freestanding sign with visible support structure.
Seamless. Pipe which has been extruded from a billet, rather than rolled and ERW from a coiled sheet.
Specified Minimum Tensile Strength
Specified Minimum Yield Strength
Solar Panel Piles
are round steel pipe piles available in varying lengths that can include either a plate to which the solar panel bracket(s) can be attached or holes drilled into the end of the pipe where clamps can attach the solar panel brackets.
Single Random Length
Identifying information painted onto the OD of pipe
Structural Steel
Either mill new pipe that has been shaped to specification, or used OCTG which is still structurally sound and can be cut and welded to the desired shape.
Structural Steel Pipe
is a type of steel construction pipe that meets certain standards of chemical composition and mechanical properties.
Surface Inspection
Testing done to determine if the pipe has any external defects such as bad welds or burns.