SPS Advantage

We provide quality, domestic pipe that is guaranteed “DOMESTIC” by our 5 step quality process. Backed by a documented process and verified through the tubes life cycle we are able to present and prove the domestic origin of the material. Every tube is stamped with the “STARS & STRIPES LOGO” once the origin has been verified domestic.

Our 5-Step Quality Control Process

  1. Pre-Purchase Inspection Pictures, SPS creates internal inspection report to verify seller
  2. Live Product Traceability (includes unique ID that ties tube to rack location, condition, third party inspection reports pictures and MTR’s.
  3. All items are categorized immediately after inspections are performed
    - Thorough inspections are conducted in order to prove per-joint inventory accuracy
    - SPS averages $1 million a year in inventory inspections and maintenance costs
  4. From Purchase to sell, all information is recorded and electronically stored on file and available for our customers review and presentation.(including work order number, transfer documents, third party inspection reports, pictures of the tubes life cycle, lengths of tubes, recorded heat numbers all the way down to per joint traceability
  5. Outbound shipment final inspection, All materials are stores in our API- Licensed Facility (a customer- designed space in accordance with our company operations.) All out bound material is loaded to be shipped with a final inspection to meet our customers purchase order specifications and requirements to ensure that our customer are getting what they paid for.

When you see the “STARS & STRIPES LOGO” you can rest assured that the material is “Made in USA”.